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Animators Fighting Amongst themselves for some dumb reasons. it makes me ANGRY!!!!


sorry just mad about this crazyness

Custom Character Concept

2017-07-26 21:51:14 by ShyGuyWolf

I posted a new character Concpet on the Art portal, please tell me if you think he would work for something.

it would me so much to me of you like it! :)

Koopa Troopa Here he is, thanks 2 1999Elias for the Madness Customization & Krinkels for the Madness Combat series.

about me

2013-11-23 21:17:42 by ShyGuyWolf

I am a type of guy, to a lot of girls I know from life, I am the guy who would treat them right, the caring person you can count on.
I may should like I am bragging maybe I am, maybe not. I am a friendly Shy Guy.

I been using this site longer then I have been a member.
sorry if I spell words wrong or misuse grammar.